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Why CivTrade?
CivTrade introduces limit orders to Decentralized Finance, which is exploding:
Growth in DeFi Total Value Locked (TVL) according to DeFi Pulse
In spite of this explosive growth, the vast majority of trade volume still occurs on Centralized Exchanges (CEX).
% of trade volume on Dex versus Cex according to The Block Crypto
Why is this the case?
If you look closely at Uniswap, which is where the majority of trades occur, there are a number of costs, both visible and invisible, associated with DeFi trading, namely price impact, slippage, and liquidity provider fees:
Uniswap trading page, example details expanded
As if this was not enough, the “man in the red coat” icon will be familiar to many people in the DeFi space who use Dextools, signalling that a transaction has been front-run, essentially draining your funds:
Dextools example of front-run transaction
Front-running is a complex and potentially costly issue, so is to be avoided.
CivTrade is the solution.