How To Use

A maximum of 9 clicks completes your CivTrade
This section shows how to execute a limit order. For market orders, follow steps 1 to 7.

1. Open the CivTrade App

Connect your wallet. Select the button “Connect Wallet”. Once connected, "connect wallet" in the top right-hand corner will be replaced by your public wallet address.
Open CivTrade and connect wallet

2. Enter the number of tokens

Decide how much you want to swap from your wallet balance. In this example, we chose 1 ETH.

3. Choose output

Next, choose the token you want to swap for. In this case, we are swapping our 1 ETH for CIV.
CivTrade token selection bar - search for your token here

4. Enter the target price

Enter the price at which you want your swap to occur , then click “approve”. The target price is the number of CIV tokens we want in exchange for the 1 ETH we decided to trade. In this example, we are swapping out our 1 ETH for 24,000 CIV.
Enter your desired target price here

5. Approve the transaction

With the exception of tokens native to their respective blockchains ETH and MATIC, you will be prompted to approve the contract spending your tokens for all ERC20 transactions. This is a security feature of the token, only required once per token.
If required, grant CivTrade approval to use your tokens.
Approve your pair swap

6. Swap your tokens

Select CivTrade. This will redirect you to your wallet to confirm the transaction.
Trade your token

7. Confirm the trade

When you confirm the trade, your order will be submitted to CivTrade for execution.
Confirm your order

8. Review the status

You can check on your order in the "Your CivTrade" section. Below you can see the three different possible scenarios orders fall under on CivTrade:
Review your transaction
  • Open: Your order has been submitted and the smart contract is working to execute it. You can check the % completed by clicking the "info" button.
  • Close: You canceled your order and your tokens were sent back to your wallet.
  • Filled: Your order has been auto-completed and tokens deposited to your wallet.

9. Pre-Close (optional)

If you decide to cancel a partly-filled order, select “close.” CivTrade stops the order and you can withdraw your tokens.

Check out this video recap for a visual demonstration

Welcome to CivTrade!