Trade Types

Detailing all the orders possible with CivTrade

Trade price

Limit versus Market Orders:
Placing limit orders is the best CivTrade type for Ethereum mainnet trades of 0.3 ETH or more and for all Polygon trades.
For smaller Ethereum mainnet trades or when the speed of execution is crucial, market orders are best. They are executed using the 1inch API for optimal routing across all liquidity pools available anywhere.


The majority of the 5,000 tokens tradeable on CivTrade do not impose taxes-on-transfer.
For those tokens that do, users must pay the exact tax-on-transfer imposed by the token issuers. This is not slippage, but a tax imposed on any transfer, including to transfer tokens to Uniswap.
Uniswap itself poorly supports adding or removing liquidity for such tokens, whose support is still experimental for CivTrade and limited to market orders only.
  • Buying a tax-on-transfer token: tax is paid at exit, to transfer the purchased tokens from Uniswap to the user wallet.
  • Selling a tax-on-transfer token: tax is paid at entry, to transfer the tokens to Uniswap, so they can be traded.
Note: Tax-on-transfer tokens are supported only for market orders. Set the slippage to a greater % than the tax, or the order will not submit, so as to prevent you from wasting gas fees.

Protocol fees

The CivTrade system - exclusively for limit orders - is paid for by liquidity fees earned while trading. Traders are always better off this way.
Besides blockchain gas fees detailed in a separate section, the user pays:
  • Zero when positions are closed by the user before earning liquidity fees
  • Half fees earned when positions are auto-closed or manually closed by users after they start earning liquidity fees. Trades are always expected to be profitable.
Protocol fees can be set and changed with a Civilization DAO vote
Protocol fees cover the costs of monitoring and closing positions, while also saving all those other traditional swap costs, free to CivTraders who also earn liquidity fees. No protocol fees on market orders. Based on historical data on earned liquidity income for limit orders, protocol fees upon auto-closing are 0.09% of traded value on Polygon and 0.39% of traded value on Ethereum mainnet. Not only do you save money, but also you earn 50% extra fees without having to worry about your position at all!
CivTraders are always better off than traditional swappers.