The magic behind CivTrade v2 Limit trades
Your tokens are deposited directly inside a single-sided Uniswap v3 liquidity pool, tightly centred around your trade's target price.
When the market reaches your price, people swapping with Uniswap are automatically matched with your deposited tokens, paying you liquidity fees and eventually switching your single-sided pool on the other token, as you wanted.
The closer the price to the current market price and the higher the trading volume relative to your trade size, the faster your position will close.
A CivTrade can also be simulated using the Uniswap UI. Let's use the MATIC/CIV pair as an example.
Here, you can see that the current price is 12.6317 MATIC per CIV and your target price is 18.7, so more CIV for each MATIC. You will deposit MATIC, CivTrade will then choose the best liquidity pool, set the best price range to earn maximum yield, and monitor your position for execution so you do not have to watch your screen 24/7!
Your tokens securely sit in Uniswap v3 contracts at all times. CivTrade offers lower gas fees than executing directly on Uniswap, and a fully managed workflow.
With every new block mined on the blockchain, CivTrade uses a monitoring system based on Chainlink Keepers, to watch your trade and close it automatically as soon as filled by the market, locking your gain and preventing it from reverting back in case the market price goes back below your target.
Welcome to your automatically completed CivTrade!