Stone governance

CivFarm is the only way to earn Stone tokens. Alternatively, you can only buy them on the open market.
The Stone DAO adapts to the changing market environment in which the community operates: CivFarm will evolve hand in hand with the community and Stone (0NE) will manage its governance.
Stone holders enjoy exclusive governance rights to the CivFarm platform: define the Token Points (“TP”), vote new features, and crucially elect which additional staking/LP pools available on the platform. New pools can be permanent or temporary.
One thing is guaranteed: Stone holders will directly benefit from the licensing of all our technology, including CivFarm. Any time a new project will want to independently access our technology, their contribution will be used to buy and burn Stone. Simple, yet effective.
Our journey ahead is long, and we will continue to reap its fruits over time. #WeAreCIV
Last modified 1yr ago