Decentralized Staking and Farming

Introducing CivFarm
Staking offers you passive income from your crypto assets – the crypto equivalent of putting money into a high-yield savings account.
When you deposit funds into a savings account, the bank uses your money to generate profit, for example lending it out to others. The bank then pays you interest in return for depositing your funds with them. How much interest will vary depending on the bank's strategy, its investment profitability, the central bank regulation, and potentially other factors on which you have no control.
However, when staking your digital assets in CivFarm, your deposited coins earn rewards (“interest”, often calculated in percentage yield), typically much higher than those by banks, and crucially self-regulating or decentralized. Everything is autonomously driven by smart contracts, which can only be changed through community voting (DAO): no single person can cut your interest rate overnight!
Not only does CivFarm specifically enable you to deposit liquidity tokens, but also to stake your $CIV and $0NE tokens directly, and even to stake NFTs! Always receive $0NE token as a reward.
CivFarm was born to let you earn rewards (Stone). It rewards our community for holding tokens and providing liquidity, introduces interesting innovations like NFT staking, and is the first step towards offsetting the risk of impermanent loss for farmers.