KPI and UI

It is the estimate of the annualized returns, calculated on the basis of the performances achieved to date.

The chart is not available on Mobile, only on Desktop.

Strategy Operations

Yes, and that is the concept we have of “portfolio”.

Not really, Impermanent Loss is fought back by the hedged position (futures).

Yes, LPs are on chain, hedging is off chain. Monitoring merges the info for users’ understanding.

Yes, let’s consider the Genesis strategy operating on the SHIB/ETH pool for the following scenario: SHIB suddenly decreases by more than 10% in terms of its ETH price (due to ETH rising in dollar terms, while SHIB actually declines), yet the position only incurs a fraction of a percent loss, partly thanks to the fees it earned. In a nutshell, this is the hedge: the primary goal is to protect, with earning as the secondary priority.


ETH is required for network fees only. CivFund works with USDT and 0NE.

The initial approval is necessary, and subsequently, you’ll need approval each time you wish to make an additional deposit or make changes to your existing deposit. If you make a single deposit and leave it untouched, no further approvals are needed.

The amount of xCIV you received are your shares of the fund, and represent your position. If you add more funds to your deposit, your shares (xCIV) will increase accordingly.

Yes, you can deposit funds during the current epoch (pending assets), and these will be transferred automatically in the strategy when the new epoch starts.

CivFund will swap your USDT with the tokens required by the strategy – and set up the hedge for them – you don’t have to do anything manually.


Wait for the epoch to end. The start and expire dates for each epoch are displayed on the web app UI. Once the the rebalancing process ends, the user will find the funds in the Vault available to be withdrawn.


Yes, compound is automatic, also during the epoch.

Yes, exactly.


When you deposit USDT, the system will automatically calculate the amount of 0NE that will be necessary as collateral (1 transaction only).

The collateral will be available for withdrawal in the vault, after a lock period of 6 months from the date of the deposit, regardless of the status of the capital deposited in the strategies.

You can leave them and live carefree, the machine does the work for you. You will be able to withdraw your collateral after a lock period of 6 months.


On the official app, fund.civfund.org, after connecting your wallet.

When the strategy was born the value was 1. If it now shows 1.064 (for example) it means the performance to date is +6.4%.

The pool volumes, upon which the strategy is built, remain unchanged. However, there have been fluctuations in the volumes of BTC or ETH. In a typical delta-neutral strategy, in the event of a spike, the value is reduced as it ensures the underlying value is not susceptible to impermanent loss.


We prioritize security and continually enhance our products and processes. As part of our commitment to safeguarding your assets, we have collaborated with FYEO for a comprehensive security audit. Our deposit/withdrawal process incorporates an additional layer of protection. Initially, your funds are secured within a smart contract-driven vault. Subsequently, they are transferred to the Fund at the commencement of the next epoch via a multisig wallet This multi-faceted approach ensures that your investments are well-protected, instilling confidence in the security of your assets.