Supported Tokens

All the assets supported by CivTrade

Tradable assets

Default list

The default list includes:
  • Over 4,000 tokens on the Ethereum Mainnet
  • Over 1,000 tokens on the Polygon / Matic blockchain

Custom list

If your token is not listed, you can still copy and paste the contract address of any token inside the token selection bar.
It will display as a "Custom Token" (CST).
Everything thereafter will work as if it was any other listed token, but you won't see its name and logo. All checks and quality controls will work directly with the token's smart contract address.
You will be alerted before submitting your trade if your custom token is not tradeable for any reason.

Token pairs for each trade type

The following types of asset pairs are supported:
  • Market / Instant: any token pair, including those with complex routing, and tax-on-transfer; please use the right max-slippage to allow for transfer tax payment, as directed by the issuer
  • Target / Faster: token pairs with at least one existing liquidity pool on Uniswap v3 for that pair; tax-on-transfer tokens are supported only for purchase (e.g. ETH -> Token) but not sale (e.g. Token -> ETH)
  • Target / Cheaper: currently only supported for token pairs where the first asset is the blockchain native token, e.g. ETH or MATIC for Ethereum or Polygon respectively.